Flock to Gloss: Primp Your Browser

Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla are about to be browser history. Flock launched a new browser this week called Gloss and it's going to change everything. Flock, the first social media web browser, has been quietly operating out of their San Francisco Bay area office since 2005. With the launch of their new browser, Gloss, they now own and operate the world's only hot pink-colored, social media-gathering, internet browser.

I have been toying with Gloss for the past 24 hours and it's a social media, beauty, and fashion internet orgasm. Picture one browser, hot pink in design, and inclusive of EVERY site you visit. Your facebook, twitter, popsugar, glam, InStyle, RSS feeds, all in one place. You can download this, the smartest browser I have ever seen, for free. My honest opinion is that if you are in the beauty, fashion, PR or advertising world, you have no business using any other browser.


Here is what they have to say about it:
Flock, the first and only social Web browser that helps users connect, discover, and share the best of the Web, released its new Gloss Edition today. The Gloss Edition, which will center on fashion, celebrity news and entertainment, features media streams for fashion interviews, red carpet events and the latest styles from the industry’s top brands. InStyle, Glam.com, ThisNext and Popsugar.com are just a few of the partners that are now one click away for fashionistas, gossip hounds and celeb worshipers to get more of what they love, including profiles of the next best designers, who Angelina is adopting and how to dress for fall. Women in the workplace, at home, in school and around the globe are already visiting these sites daily; now they can access them all in one place at Flock and be the first to know when Matthew McConaughey finally puts his shirt back on, or when George Clooney decides to settle down.


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