FHI Heat Platform SE Flat Iron and Hot Sauce: A Happy Hair Story

Earlier this week I raved about the FHI Heat brushes . Now their Platform Special Edition Flat Iron has forever changed my life. My hair and I have had a long, dramatic, love-hate relationship. FHI heat is the ultimate hair relationship therapist, providing the tools to bring about a healthy, loving, fun-filled relationship where previously there was only bitterness and resentment.

I knew I was going to have to try out this new iron (pictured above) sooner or later and, as with all things traumatic - like attempting to style my own hair, I put it off as long as possible. I set aside two hours, which is how long it has taken me to straighten my hair with every other iron I have tried in the last 7 years. I've spent hundreds, I've spent $20 and no iron was ever a match for thickest mane of hair anyone has ever seen on a white girl of Italian and Swedish descent. I had heard all of the hype about the FHI Heat Platform SE but I never thought it would be able to tame my hair with teeny little one inch panels.

I was so wrong. After 25 minutes my hair looks absolutely stunning, certainly as good as it can with out Daniel's help. I am in a state of shock at how quick the whole process was, how amazing my hair looks, and that I am now one of those women who can style my own hair. Here are the other reasons I think it's so fab.

1) The PTFC heating system allows the irons to heat to an impressive 450 degrees and recover lost heat effectively so that the iron remains very hot even when applied to damp hair, and the temperature stays constant. In other words - it's hot right away and you don't have to dry all the way before you start.

2) The cord is a long as my entire apartment.

3) It features snag-proof corners and easy-glide plates that offer greater durability, scratch resistance, and increased smoothness. It also features the largest quantity of crushed tourmaline crystals which results in the highest negative ion count; and it employs proprietary Nano-Fuzeion™ technology, which is a unique combination of Nano-Titanium, Nano-Titanium Oxide and Nano-Silver particles. Together, the triple function of the Nano-Fuzeion™ technology removes bacteria, toxins and static, producing superior conditioning and shine, while providing unmatched health and purification benefits for the hair.

4) FHI Hot Sauce (the little red bottle pictured above) is an amazing combination of jojoba oil, shea butter, algae extract, amino acids, and caster oil that protects hair from the heat.

5) FHI HEAT's Platform Special Edition has been voted "Favorite Flat Iron" by American Salon Magazine Readers (July 2008 issue) for Second Annual Professional Choice Awards by American Salon magazine readers for its second annual "Professional Choice Awards." States Les Haverty, Artistic Director of FHI Heat: "There is a reason why our Platform SE is our bestselling iron. It delivers high heat and amazing results, creating styles that last longer, and saving time spent in the chair. Stylists are consistently impressed by how effortlessly this iron glides through hair, even highly textured hair, creating glossy, shiny and super smooth hair!"

The FHI Heat Platform SE is available in a 1-inch size and retails for $195.00. The new technologically advanced FHI Heat products are available at fine hair salons and professional beauty retailers nationwide, via toll-free number at 877.FHI.HEAT (877.344.4328.)


Erica said...

Thanks for the tip. I am looking for a flat iron and I'm weighing my options between T3 and FHI.

Shelly Borrell said...

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hair straightener said...

Very good information. Like it so much.
Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I love this flat iron. My hair is really thick and I had used a cheap drugstore one for a few months with horrible results. When I finally got some extra cash I splurged on this one:http://www.salonhive.com/fhi-platform-ceramic-styling-iron-1-w-nano-technology.html, and it has made all the difference in the world. I'm finally able to get all my hair consistently straightened and in a lot less time.