Happy Bastille Day from The Soap Opera

My most precious and oldest beauty secret, The Soap Opera, is a tireless purveyor of all things natural and opulent in the bath and beauty world. In honor of Bastille Day they bring you this most magisterial assemblage of treasures from France.

Pre de Provence: Outstanding triple milled French soaps, simply wrapped, and containing herbs, natural fragrances and no synthetics or dyes. Lavender and Sage contain actual dried plant material in the soap to enhance both fragrance and beneficial skin exfoliation properties.

Provence Sante Gift Box: Enriched with karite (shea) butter (a superb moisturizer), hardmilled, and packaged in sturdy four-bar boxes. Four 2.7 oz. bars per box. A small, family-owned company, located in France, creates classic formulas that are more distinctive, more natural, longer lasting, and better smelling than almost any other European manufacturer.

Mistral Soaps: Hand-crafted in Provence, France, these traditional soaps are made according to a three-hundred year old tradition of purity and excellence. Only the finest oils of olive, palm or coconut, skin-softening African shea butter, and fragrances selected from some of Grasse's most distinguished perfumers are used to create the most luxurious soaps on earth.

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natural soaps said...

This French soaps looks very authentic. I use only 100% Natural Handmade Soaps!