Product Rave: Guinot Hydrazone Corps

I forgive the French for having a million and two ingredients in their skin care products for a few reasons. One, their combination of classic and new plant-based ingredients is extremely effective. Two, the products tend to be luxurious, pampering, and divinely scented.

I recently tried Guinot Hydrazone Corps for the first time and I love it. The scent instantly transported me to the first time I played with my grandmother's Clarins cleanser and moisturizer. The scent is floral, sophisticated, and so French. My legs, after slathering them in this decadent body lotion, have the thick healthy glowing skin of French models. Not surprisingly this body lotion is packed with lipids and argon oil that repair skin and a Hydrocyte complex that locks in moisture. My last rave about this product is that the lovely soft pink color is reminiscent of Bermuda's pink sand beaches. Enjoy!

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marta said...

Your grandmother seems so stylish:)
Great review Laurie!