Beauty's Travel: Vogue's Age Issue is a Life Saver

I had an amazing trip to New York City. I was bowled over at every turn with the generosity of friends old and new, artistic gargoyles crammed into each nook and cranny of aging buildings, and fully organic mani-pedies. Beauty's SPOT used to live in New York and I must say, it's hard to leave. Literally. JetBlue may have Bliss on board but getting on board, at least tonight in JFK is one step to the right of impossible. Luckily, I had Vogue's age issue tucked into my lovely new white bucket bag. I am highly impressed by this issue (now that I have read it Kate Moss to Calle.) As a former Vogue subscriber, the journalism in this issue made me rethink the recycling bin reflex invoked by Vogue's lovely "we miss you" envelopes that arrive in my PO box every so often. There is a must-read, surprisingly down to earth retrospective of YSL by Andre Leon Talley. Another of my favorite pieces was on Ziyi Zhang, the delicate, astonishingly lifelike porcelain doll from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. If you can't pry your fingers off of the five dollar newsstand price for this issue (which I totally understand given the cost of sustenance these days) this video is equally enjoyable and free thanks to the lovelies at Vogue and their mad men sugar daddies. Thanks again to our truly remarkable friends and also to our comrade in beauty blogging shenanigans Anne from the Jet Set Girls.

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