Beauty's Spa: A YonKa Facial with Sigrid Yorke

In the last four years I have only let one brilliant esthetician touch my face. Her name is Terri Exum and she works out of Spa Physiog in Carrboro, North Carolina.

But when your esthetician begs you to go to another esthetician, claiming that she is the genius facialist, you know you must go. I imagine this is somewhat like having your true love ask you to marry another man for some honorable reason like duty, responsibility, linage, or some such nonsense. I am not that honorable when it comes to vanity. Terri does a fantastic job, uses all organic handmade products, and my skin looks amazing. Done. No need to go anywhere else. Except that she had one very good point. Sigrid does extractions, and my blackheads had been incubating for years.

The masterful magician provoking this epic facialist love triangle is Sigrid Yorke. Trained by the rigorous standards of medical estheticians in Quebec, she is a remarkably skilled, mystically talented medi-facialist. Her facials, while relaxing, are also procedures meant to vacuum your epidermis of dirt completely. (If you have never had a facial treatment via Lucas Spray, pictured below, you MUST try it.) After each excavation into the depths of my facial skin she showed me her results. In total, the discolored gunk looked plentiful enough to fill a teaspoon.

On first glancing in the mirror post-facial I saw strawberry blotches sprouting from every available patch of skin. Sigrid is a professional however, and assured me that her techniques would lift my face to a new level of health, revealing an entirely new face the next morning. In truth I have never seen my skin look as radiant, youthful, and absolutely dirt free as it did 24 hours after Sigrid worked on it.

If you too would like brand new skin, Sigrid works out of the Skintopia Skin Care Center at Faces Plastic Surgery. Be prepared to wait for an appointment. I am not the first woman to discover the genius of her handiwork. In fact, even the gents are lining up for her facials.

If you can't find your way to North Carolina to work with this medi-facialist genius, you can purchase most of the products she uses by using the links below.

Cleanser: Cosmedix Purity Clean
YonKa Toner and Lotion via Lucas Spray!
Facial massage with YonKa Gommage 305
YonKa Alphaydroxy Peel (in-spa only)
Yonka Alpha-Complex
Yonka Fruitelia
YonKa Cream 54 and Yonka Serum
YonKa Masque 105

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