Beauty's Product: iQ Derma Daily Renew Cleanser

iQ Derma is my breakout brand of the season. First their Restore Eyes takes years away from my eyes then their daily renew cleanser surprises me with a gaggle of fruit and plant extracts.

See, I met Mr. iQ Derma at the Total Beauty Summit in Manhattan Beach in May. His first words to our eagerly awaiting crowd of beauty bloggers was, "I bathe in parabens." Sigh. My first thought was, "Well good for you, you don't have breasts, a**$#!%." (Parabens are the mystery ingredient found in the majority of breast cancer cells. The link hasn't been proven but green beauty brands have preemptively taken them out.)

I figured I would never use Mr. Iq Derma's products based the above first impression. However I have to bite my tongue. I love his face wash and his eye cream is revolutionizing my skin care regiment. Luckily for me this face wash, while it does have the usual sodium laurel sulfates, is also packed with chamomile, witch hazel, nettle root extract, cucumber, green tea, and grapefruit peel extract. He's not all paraben.

Also, I have never smelled a face wash this refreshing. It smells like newly washed sheets at a beach house after a spring rain with the windows still open. It's a-MAzing and my skin loves it.

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