iQ Derma Restore Eyes: Totally Worth It!

I thought at 27 years old a restorative eye cream was jumping the gun a little, but after only a few weeks of daily application I look younger, my eyes look brighter, and there is no trace of the crows feet that were treading their way into my skin. Honestly I am kind of amazed at the results. I have been testing a few eye creams since April. Although they all showed prodigious results iQ Derma's Restore Eyes is the only one that feels like plastic surgery in a bottle. In fact upon application it feels only slightly less adhesive than Elmer's glue. Also, I have very sensitive eyes. Mostly if I leave an eye cream on over night somehow it gets into my actual eye ball which then turns red and puffy. Not very professional looking or attractive. Perhaps because of it's adhesive like texture, restore eyes has never done anything but night by night decrease the crows feet and steadily increase the elasticity of the skin around my eyes. They look luminous. I'm not much on self adoration but last night before I went to bed I actually looked at myself in the mirror and thought, huh, I am kind of beautiful. Also, I don't really have a dark circle problem underneath my eyes but at this point if iQ derma says it erases dark circles I believe them. Before I tried Restore Eyes I thought anyone would be insane to pay $85.00 for an eye cream but now I am readjusting the food budget to make room for this product. Also it's much cheaper, less painful, and I'd venture to say better looking than the equivalent plastic surgery.

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