Product Rave: Benefit Bad Gal Blue Mascara

I didn't think blue mascara was an option, seeing as how 1989 is already over. And even though I read the Benefit catalogue faithfully every time it arrives, I somehow never saw this bad in a totally good way mascara. So the other day when I was in Sephora going all Veruka Salt on the benefit part of the playground, I surprised myself when I started salivating over one of the largest tubes of mascara I had ever seen.
Like Veruka in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory I have a penchant for big shiny things and, especially at Sephora, I want it all. So I splurged a little and picked up the baddest, bluest, mascara and I haven't used my carbon black stand by since. (I still love the Carbon Black, I'm just on break for some summer fun.)

Thank goodness pigment science has advanced since the last time I thought of blue mascara as an option. This is an incredibly rich indigo blue that leaves lashes soft all day long. It highlights blue and green eyes and lightens up the entire eye area. Also with normal application it is in no way 80s obvious that the mascara is blue. However if you want to play a little and increase the blue-violent tint you can easily use the goopy blob and the end of the stick to plop on pigment and then smooth it out with the brush. It is fun for summer and looks gorgeous on. Enjoy!

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A Mom in Red High Heels said...

You have me convinced that I need to try this!!