Honey Heel Glaze by Farmhouse Fresh: New Product for the Beauty's Spot Top Shelf.

Honey Heel Glaze by Farmhouse Fresh is the best thing I have ever put on my feet. I just crawled across the floor on my hands and knees to tell you about it. Some products do what they are supposed to do. Some are excellent in constitution and effectiveness. Others make my heart feel cozy. This one little honey filled jar houses all three trademarks of an outstanding product.

I was reorganizing the beauty closet, not intending to try anything new tonight, when I happened upon this lovely little country preservative jar filled with a honey-based foot glaze. I opened the original box to find an adorable little application brush (read, no sticky hands) and the delicious smell of fresh frothy chai. I applied the non-greasy, cinnamon-and-clove-scented glaze (it's not unlike something my good friend Emily might use to coat a piece of fish) and then fell out on my bathroom floor for a full four minutes of pure enjoyment and deep relaxing breaths. My feet happily absorbed the copious amounts of moisture and rubbed up against each other like eager new lovers. 'Oh yes,' I thought to myself, 'this whole beauty obsession started with my uncanny ability to turn my bathroom into a day spaahhhhhhh - no I must not pass out on the bathroom floor!' Then I knew I had to tell you right away hence the crawling to my laptop on my hand and knees. So worth it. This is so going on the Beauty's Spot Top Shelf.


Anonymous said...

you bring me such JOY! WHERE TO I GET IT?? I need it. can,t wait to try it Thanks hugs Betty

Laurie said...

You can buy it by going to

and clicking the "order" link.

Seriously girls, my feet today all day looked like I just got a spa pedi!!! This stuff is a-mazing!

Anonymous said...

is it in my swag bag? is eric smoothing it on his heels as I type?

Laurie said...

aw, this didn't make the bag because I like to lather it on myself way too much. Eric is prob applying some bioelements body lotion or the self tanner.

Girl-Woman said...

Oh, I need to heal my heels. Thanks.