Here's Hoping...Featuring Spas of France

Thanks to all of you beautiful readers for your efforts to send me to Paris. Until Total Beauty announces the big winners lets explore and dream shall we? Check out the Spas of France website. It is so dreamy. I hope whoever wins has the most fabulous time in Paris and I can't wait to see if any Beauty's Spot readers won the grand prizes!


A Mom in Red High Heels said...

WOW! Looks like some great options for US when we go ;) (fingers crossed!)

Hil'Lesha said...

I hope you win. That would be one awesome prize. I clicked 20 more times, but the banner seems to be down. I just see along with your referral link. I hope it went through.

The Jet Set Girls said...

Those spas are INSANELY gorgeous! I always dream about staying at George V. It's bar is so fab--can't imagine what the spa is like! Good luck in the contest!