Lifebooker: Spa-ing in NYC just got a whole lot easier!

Not only do you (New Yorkers) have the best Gellato, now you also have all the best spa treatments available via one booking service. That's right hundreds even thousands of appointments booked all through this one service. Since they book them last minute they also offer exclusive lifebooker discounts. I live in North Carolina so when I need a blow out ASAP I have to go through my phone book, apologize for calling last minute, and curse the five salons I trust with my hair that they are not immediately available. You on the other hand have lifebooker which can not only get you the next available ____ appointment but also give you a discount.

I'm bitter. You will be well-organized and beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

OH i love it! It makes so much sense. Discount beauty appointment when I want them for the price I want. I'm going to try it out now.