Excluse Beauty's Spot Contest Winners: Swag Bag Madness

The winners are:

1) Hil'esha (110 clicks/dollars to Healthy Child Healthy World)

2) Jude (22 clicks/dollars to Healthy Child Healthy World)

3) Jessica (10 clicks/dollars to Healthy Child Healthy World)

Also, I know there were many more of you who did an absurd amount of clicking and didn't report them. Many thanks to you as well!
Hil'esha will be getting a beautiful swag bag, the contents of which can be seen below. Jude and Jessica will be getting smaller but still beautiful bags o' swag. Thanks to everyone for all of your support. Check back and let me know if you won any prizes from Total Beauty.com. You can also check out their new contest for instant beauty money prizes and a grand prize spa vacation!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm speechless. I'd like to thank the Academy for without them, wow, I might remain product ignorant for life and an unexfoliated, wrinkley,scruffy foot, puffy-eyed 42 year old. I'd like to thank Jessica for once again spurring me into a little friendly competition. I've never met Hil'esha but you go girl; I'd love to know the secret to the day job that allows for 110 clicks.:) And of course Laurie, who's newest obsession has inspired me to look outside my apathetic, I'm too lazy and cheap, product-less life. Going to make some shelfspace in the bathroom now :) jude

Hil'Lesha said...

Awesome. Thank you! By the way, I added your link on the sidebar on my beauty blog at thebeautycounter.blogspot.com. Thanks, again! :)

Super Duper Gus said...

I can not believe that Jude beat me! Let's just hope that you'll be Paris bound soon.

Anonymous said...

I only beat you because I sit at a desk...and well, you chase a (almost) 2 year old around. Though...seems like some of those Saturday nights you could have been click. click. click. But alas, you loved Dlisted more....once again the cause of your demise.