Beauty's School: Bobbi Brown Living Beauty

My twenties, and the physiological changes that came with them, caught me completely by surprise. Stretch marks, random black hairs on my face (WTF?!), and weight gain...and all I could think was, "Why did no one tell me?" I am determined not to be caught off guard again by my 30 and 40s. So I am reading the fourth book by the legendary cosmetics guru, Bobbi Brown's Living Beauty. Someone once told me that intelligence is learning from my mistakes, but wisdom is learning from other people's mistakes. In this book, targeted to women in their thirties, forties and fifties, "Bobbi offers readers specific surgery-free solutions for looking better - showing how skincare, makeup, nutrition, fitness, and style can solve so many of the issues women complain about." The author says," Women want to look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident." Amen. Pool reading for June is covered.


Cybele said...

I hate finding out about something after the fact like you said in the post! It's almost like a book like this should be delivered to your mailbox by the aging Gods when we turn 18! That way we know what to expect!
Thanks for the post on what the book is really about. I thought is was just another how to apply makeup one.

Laurie said...

Amen. I'd love to make a kit that women could buy (or the goddesses could deliver) at 18 or 15 or 21 or whatever that would be like here is the deal...stretch mark cream, spiff upper lip, read this book and a few other things. I was so...Why did no one tell me i'd get fat? ha ha ha Also I just finished chapter one and it is SO inspirational!