Beauty Blogosphere Bouquet

Because I love you...and because there is SO much fun stuff in the blogosphere this week!

Jet Set Girls are on the Sephora Blog!!! OMG We are so excited for Anne and Hope!!

Susie Ellis of Spa Finder weighs in on the
Vagina Spa/hoo-ha brew ha ha.

Whole Foods gets some
a-MAzing video coverage of John Masters Organics Hair Salon in New York City.

July Issue of Spa Magazine online is out and we think it's trying to tell us something. Yes even SPA magazine is handing out relationship advice...whaaa?

dear friend Marta Walsh as interviewed Khloe Kardashian. The Kardashian show is like really fabulous gelato. I have some vague inkling that in some way it's really bad for me, but when I'm in the middle of it, it's so so good.

Chopra Center's monthly e-newsletter, Namaste, has a lovely July issue featuring, among other things, Shiropada (shiro-pa-da) massage.

My most favorite creative refuge/bookstore/farm/five star restaurant/spiritual retreat has started a blog,
CHATTER. I am at once thrilled to share it and slightly heart broken that my little paradise has joined the blogosphere.

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