Warren Tricomi Pictures!

Here is a quick update from LA. I'm too busy to post full articles but I can post these Warren Tricomi pictures. Daniel Martinez is officially a hair genius. He took time out of his busy schedule (house calls to the stars) to give me the most beautiful haircut I have ever had. My hair is normally a disaster - curly in the back, straight in the front, and frizzy all over. But Daniel has transformed my unruly mane into a beautiful work of art, perfectly suited to my face. I'll do a full write up later but just wanted to keep you, well, posted.
If I ever meet a man who does for me what Daniel does for my hair I will ask him to marry me on the spot.


Marta said...

You look beautiful,Laurie. Love your hair.

Laurie said...

Thanks beautiful! We all miss you very much. Hope the hotel is yummy. xoxo