Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Soap

I have not used bar soap since I fell in love with the Soap Opera's Magno soap in college. I thought I hated bar soap but it turns out I only like really superior bar soaps. Pacifica's handmade Blood Orange Soap amazed me when I first ordered it from Beauty Gone because the top half of the bar is flooded with pieces of orange rind. Combining this delightful exfoliant with the overwhelmingly pleasant scent makes it irresistible. I have actually been consistently using it for several weeks now.

Here is what the packaging says and I promise every word, ever image conjured up is genuine.
"Blood orange is said to be an anti-depressant and aphrodisiac. It is symbolic of eternal love and peace. In Italy, where the orange is native, a red streaked sky at sunset is known as a "blood orange sky." The sweet fruit is loved for its absence of bitterness with rich, juicy flavor and bright raspberry and strawberry notes."

"Our beautifully natural soap is handmade using our own biodegradable, vegan, vegetable oil and glycerin soap base, lufa, a blend of orange essential oils and botanical fragrance. No animal testing, animal ingredients or artificial colors.

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