Whole Foods is Stepping it UP! (Mineral Makeup Breakdown!)

Whole Foods is getting in on the beauty blog action and I must say they have a tremendous amount of organic and natural beauty experience. I'll never forget when the first whole foods came to Baltimore. I was 14 and quite honestly I've never felt comfortable shopping in a normal grocery store since. Now they are guiding us through their enormous beauty store with helpful tips and knowledge!

Enjoy! OMG I just checked out the Video and IT'S BRILLIANT!!!!

Whole FoodsHow to Build the Perfect Spa Basket
Most everyone enjoys the pampering and results of a day at the spa. Not everyone has the things they need to enjoy a similar experience at home any time. So, whether you’re gifting or stocking your own personal spa “toolkit” here’s a how-to walk-through, featuring quality natural products that provide benefits beyond the normal spa ahhhh.

May 5th
Demystifying Aromatherapy
Have you ever wished you could enjoy a spa right in your own home? Listen and discover how easy it is to: create the perfect relaxing—or energizing—bath; make your own professional quality massage oils; and add aromatherapy to your lifestyle. You’ll also learn the benefits of pure essential oils, and what differentiates them from other oils on the market. Tim Blakey has been an aromatherapist and herbalist for 30 years. He travels extensively doing education and sourcing oils from around the world for Aura Cacia and Frontier.

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