I am the Beauty Product MacGyver

Yesterday I was worried about what to wear. My clothes all looked boring, I annoyed even the TJ Maxx people (and I imagine that's fairly difficult to do), and I had that vague wandering feeling of not being prepared.

Today I would be grateful for a clean shirt and my brow powder. Yes my luggage apparently thought Vegas was much more appealing than the Burbank airport and has decided to stay there. They assured me they would have it delivered last night but I guess it's hard to get even luggage to leave Vegas at 10 p.m.

So even though I'll look like a makeup deprived slob for all of my appointments today I managed to find some good news this morning. I am now grateful for every single item in my luggage. What was just yesterday my favorite old pair of worn in DKNY wedges, today is a pair of highly stylish, intensely coveted summer sandals. What yesterday was a pair of cute comfortable heels that didn't live up to the color I really wanted are today intensely coveted, rare size 10 heels that will look so much better than jeans and rainbows at the cocktail party. It's miraculous what a little lost luggage can do for my attitude.

Also, I am the beauty MacGyver. With only a mirrored compact, Eminence Organic Minerals, Nii-kii lip balm, and three teeny YonKa samples I have managed to look decent. Usually I mix a few different shades of the Eminence Minerals (# 1, 2, and 3) depending on how tan I am or what I am trying to cover up. Today I was left with only #3 but I unscrewed the top, poured some minerals into the top of my Organic wear compact and was able to disperse the color since the minerals were now loose powder instead of delivered straight through their usual brush. Also, although it has been years since I have lost luggage I did remember to put my YonKa Gel Nettoyant (two in one makeup remover and face wash) and YonKa Creme 11 and Creme 83 in my purse. I have no mascara, no brow powder, I don't even have dental floss but I've screwed the top back on the minerals, cleaned out the compact case, thrown on some earrings and well today that's all I can do.


Super Duper Gus said...

aaaccck! That is so wretched! I hope Great and Kristy will let you use their toothpaste--- so greedy!

Delphine said...

lol, you are killing me I had NO idea you didn't have all your product, you know you could have just asked!!! lol, we must have enough product for an army here!

It was so great meeting you!!

Anonymous said...

You have made lemonade and shared it with us! Fab attitude and now I can't wait to get more product. SO CREATIVE lOVE YOU Betty

Laurie said...

Luckily the bag arrived only 24 hours into my trip and Greta and Kristy lent me hygene essentials until I got to the hotel!