Destination Los Angeles: Total Beauty Bloggers Summit and Beauty Tour!

I always knew 27 would be my best year. My dear mentor Marsha, who is in her seventies, likes to remind me there will be many more, even sweeter years ahead. But for me I have just known it. 27 fits me perfectly.

I am waiting for my best friend Gigi to come pick me up and drive me to the airport. I am sitting in my cozy little apartment with light pouring in from windows on three sides. I'm waiting for LA, waiting for LA to change everything, or to just have a really great time.

I have been hinting at this big bad beauty trip to LA but I am superstitious and I have not wanted to spill the beauty beans until the big adventure began. I am going to LA for days and days of spa treatments and beauty tours. Then I will be attending the bloggers summit. I am beyond excited and I am also a little nervous. I am of the Julia Cameron school of writers and thusly believe that if I am not writing, I tend to misdirect the drama that I should be creating on the page, accidentally spilling it all over my life. I proved Julia Cameron's theory correct yesterday at 9 pm in the Durham, North Carolina Tj Maxx. The sales woman was lovely I'm sure, and Tj Maxx is lovely I'm sure (although that lighting can't be good for people). But I was nervous and the shopping hours were being whittled down like an overly zealous boy scout's first home made arrows. Time slipping away, fabulous brightly colored high heels not miraculously materializing, and her "I need two forms of ID" turned a three hour shopping trip into three hours I choose to spend in Tj Maxx for nothing but, well, for nothing.

But the truth is, there is lots and lots of fun to be had. An email from a fellow blogger just reminded me of this. "It's going to be so much fun!" Oh yes, I thought that's why I am going... for fun! I am now at the Nashville airport on my layover and I must say this airport is designed for beauty bloggers. 20 Minutes Nail salons and massage bars (lots of rubs but no buds) abound as does relativity inexpensive wireless.

There is so much to tell you about the LA Trip but it's a little overwhelming all at once so we'll start with tomorrow. I'll start the day by getting my hair cut with the FABULOUS Daniel Martinez at Warren Tricomi. You remember him? He did my now infamous blowout for LA Fashion Week. Then I will trot down Melrose Ave and stop in at the W Hotel to indulge in bliss's new 'pedi' colada. (I know. I am so spoiled.) At the end of the day I will reunite with my fashion week partners in crime and meet the rest of beautiful bloggers at Nelson J Salon where I will get my nails done and dish about all things beauty and blogging and summit.

Friday is a beauty tour too fabulous for words (almost). So here are some words: Anastasia, Kate Somerville, L’Oreal, and Murad. Good words huh? I like those words. I have idolized Anastasia for a while and I can't believe I am going to meet her. (She does Oprah's eyebrows!) More about that later....Thanks to Gigi for the ride and calming my nerves, Terri for the YonKa samples, and Kristy and Greta for the airport pickup. Girlfriends do make the world go 'round.

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Anonymous said...

Laurie, So amazing you are there. I just love your writing! Can't wait to hear more -EVERTHING ! Thank you love you Betty