Kate Somerville Tour: from Goat's Milk Cream and facials to Johnny Depp

Kate Somerville's Skin Health Experts' outpost is located at 8424 Melrose Place in Los Angeles. This adorable boutique is skincare heaven. An expert staff, the most advanced lasers, non-surgical face lifts, the best facials, and an excellent signature skin care line pack this positively pampering, aesthetically pleasing aestheticians' paradise.

Almost (but not quite) as important as the physical address, the expert services, the boutique design, and revolutionary products, is the fact that this location was also the former home of Johnny Depp. My lovely tour guide let me in on this little secret somewhere between the narrow twisted hallways of the basement and the circular staircase leading to the reception area at which point I had visions of the Benny & Joon likeness of Johnny Depp coyly popping his head in and out of treatment rooms, giggling and disrupting the deadly serious, non-surgical face lifts of the most important ladies who lunch.

I have been using the Gentle Daily Wash (love it!) and the Goat Milk Cream since Friday and I can already feel and see the changes in my skin. I have to be exceptionally picky about what I put on my face because it reacts to most products with all the drama and over-reaction of a middle schooler. Goat's Milk however was used by ancient Egyptians as a skin care remedy and my face feels soft, looks smooth, and calm. I am an instant results kind of girl so this cleanser/moisturizer combo is quickly climbing the ranks of my skin care favorites.

Check back in the weeks to come for in depth product reviews. For those of you who stalk or BFF your aesthetician in a vain attempt to quench your incorrigible desire for skin care knowledge here is a video of a Kate Somerville esthetician explaining their facials.

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