Mukhalat Sheikha Lubna: Scent of a Beautiful Woman

'Mukhalat Sheikha Lubna' loosely translates to Scent of Sheikha Lubna. But it might as well be called scent of the most kick-ass powerful woman in the middle east. Her perfume is described as floral, energetic and powerful . I venture to say that this is the first perfume from a female politician that people actually want to buy. Can you imagine coveting Eau de Margret Thatcher? Yeah, me either. Upon reading this Portfolio article on her I had an immediate hunch that there is a beauty icon lurking underneath that veil. I was right.

This brilliant woman went from Cal State Alum to computer scientist to middle eastern economic linchpin in a very short time. She is only 50. She is the first female minister in the United Arab Emirates and she is the Minister of Finance and Foreign Trade. No small task in a strategically placed, oil saturated, 36 year old country. Part of the reason she is my new hero is not only that she is trail blazing for women everywhere and out witting all of her peers but clearly, she reveres and respects that certain part of being a woman where your beauty is about your relationship with yourself, and your presentation is about what makes you feel sexy rather than what your audience wants to see. “You know it’s a very feminine fragrance and I’m not a feminist. I like being a lady. I don’t like this business of women marching. A woman should be beautiful, eloquent, smart and hard-working but, above all, feminine.” Can I get an amen?

She had me at 'eloquent' but her sound bites are so charming I'll share just one more from the Portfolio article, "My proudest achievement is that I am a bridge. Women are following my example. I am changing the mind-set of young girls, saying, 'It’s okay. Look, I'm here. I'm on the other side, and you can breeze through. Not bad for a geek with a perfume." And her perfume, which launched in summer 2007, benefits an organization called Friends of Cancer Patients. This woman has a brilliant, sweet plan and I hope to cover a forthcoming makeup line as well.

Since it's launch, Mukhalat Sheikha Lubna has only been available at Saks in Dubai. I know I have readers in Dubai so I am counting on you. Please comment and let me know how I can get my hands on this 'Mukhalat'.

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Super Duper Gus said...

What an amazing sounding woman. Thanks Laurie!