Bliss by "Pedi" colada

I started Beauty's Spot with a visit to Bliss San Francisco. So it is now tradition that every time I visit a city lucky enough to claim Bliss as a local spa I make time for a visit. I discovered my latest Bliss gem at their LA outpost which is conveniently tucked into the second floor of the W Hotel. Yes ladies, the "pedi" colada has arrived to disgrace every other single pedicure I have ever gotten - and I'm a pedi-addict. If you haven't noticed, this summer everything is going coconut. If you take no part in the coconut product trend (although I can't imagine why you would make such a silly decision) please please please make one exception and treat yourself to the "pedi"colada. I would almost go so far as to say you have never had a real pedicure until you have had the "pedi"colada. Here is a detailed break down of what makes this pedi so precious.

1) The foot soak is made of coconut milk and pineapple oil. Have you ever had your pretty little paws steeped in coconut milk before? Me either and now I'm convinced this should be a pedi standard. What is hot water compared to coconut milk? Also their grooming is meticulous. Have you ever had a pedicurist who sort of trims your cuticles and kind of ignores your funky pinkie toe? Yeah me too. I hate that and they wouldn't make it a day at bliss.

2) BEST PART: There are three cups of hot coconut oil-based product waiting in a towel heater during your coconut milk soak which are then massaged into every millimeter of skin below your knees. The first hot coconut product is like nothing I have ever seen before. A concoction this brilliant could only be created by an inspired beauty product guru (or the rat from ratatouille). This product looks like the result of mixing ten coconut macaroons and a minimal amount of coconut oil - just enough to be able to massage all of the coconut bits into smooth pliable exfoliates - genius! This chunky oily mixture is followed with two different kinds of smooth hot coconut oil. The second oil is massage in by hand and the third with polished clam shells filled with hot water. The narrow end was used to massage muscles I didn't even know I had in those hard to reach foot places. By the third treatment I was so blissed out that I had to make a conscious effort not to drool on myself. Honest.

3) They leave the coconut oil on your gloriously groomed gams and wrap your feet in hot towels where they allow you to sit and bliss out for more please help me not drool on myself time.

4) Essie color application. This time, for the first time I went with a non-matte product and although at first I was kind of terrified it has worn really well and the purpley-red tone I choose is a fun way to ring in summer pedi season.

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