Beauty Fortuity: from product purgatory to serendipitous cosmetic cure

Maybe it's because I went to Montessori School. Maybe it's because I'm just defiant by nature. But my belligerence is finally paying off. If not for me in a life enhancing way, then for you in a product recycling kind of way. I have hinted before at my tendency to use products for purposes other than those they were intended for. In the beauty industry this is a major no-no. Scientists and researchers are paid lots and lots of money to test the precise percentages of cellulite reduced, or lashes extended, or wrinkles reduced.

But I would never have found some of my favorite products if I had discarded them upon discovering that in terms of their intended purpose they are total losers. And isn't this the great dream for every woman's product graveyard? That someday you will serendipitously discover that though these products failed at their intended purpose, they are perfectly suited for a function no where near the neighborhood of their actual function (and then all of that beauty money isn't really wasted?) So Beauty's Spot has a new column - Beauty Fortuity!

First up, EO Hair Repair. It does nothing for my hair and smells like toilet bowl cleaner but it's organic and made by one of my favorite lines, EO. They make my favorite body lotion and shampoo. My hair is the litness test for any hair product. Unless a hair product is designed to penetrate hair as tough and thick as Rapunzel's it is not going to work for me. But I kept this adorable purple little bottle in the shower, suspecting all the while that someday those high quality organic ingredients would find their calling. It's been inhabiting the purgatory section of my shower caddy since December when I received it as a birthday gift from one of my favorite people. I had no idea what it's purpose would be until voila, the Schick Quattro arrived and suddenly a girl who hadn't needed shaving cream in years (thanks to the brilliant design of the Schick Intuition) was suddenly at a loss. We have all heard to use conditioner as shaving cream in case of an emergency but it's usually clumpy, clogging up the razor and making my legs feel greasy. Yuck. Suddenly the purple little little bottle which had been shunned like an ill suited Rudolf had found its foggy night. Intensive reconditioning. Essential oils of Wild Lime and Ginger. Mango Seed Butter. My legs drank it up as if it were divine nectar. The consistency is perfectly designed for razors because it slips right through, no clogging and it is super conditioning for the legs with no grease. Enjoy!


Super Duper Gus said...

Wet n' Wild eyeliner? Seriously I haven't bought that brand since I was 10 or so. May be worth a try? Ok, I've clicked 6x today (during naptime). The day is still young!

Hil'Lesha said...

Sounds great! Another click here. :)