EO Grapefruit Mint Body Lotion

When I was little I was certain my mom was crazy. (Sorry ma) I mean the Santa Claus thing sounded a little nutty, the Easter bunny sounded completely whacked out, and she carried lotion in her purse. The whole adult thing just seemed off to me. Now I'm an adult and I have just recently started carrying lotion in my purse. I justify what was once a very odd-seeming behavior by saying that I have found the best body lotion ever. It's organic, made in the US, comes in adorable, neatly-packaged, purple bottles, and in about 5 seconds can turn my boss into a peach of a woman, my desk into a lovely hunk of metal, and my car into a serene little pod driving up and down the country roads of lovely Orange County, North Carolina. What I'm saying is, not just any lotion gets the purse treatment. EO (Essential Oils) makes body lotion, my favorite shampoo, hand soap, and every other product from hand wipes to perfume to foot lotion. My organic flavor of choice is the Grapefruit and Mint Body Lotion. The ingredient list is long but includes organic chamomile flowers, aloe, white tea, calendula flowers, and mango seed butter. Also for those of you who are as obsessed with organic products as I am, or even just beauty products in general, their ingredient glossary can be used as a lay man's bible. It smells like instant heaven and the cream itself is thick but not suffocating. After a few minutes I could forget I have it on all together were it not for the ambrosial scent.

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