Pacifica Candles: Mmm, mmm, mmm for the smell of it

I like bringing the day spa home. In order to this in most luxurious, simple, speedy way I can think of I light a candle that smells exotic and heavenly and is good for me. Once I found Pacifica candles at Spa Physiog, I have honestly never tried anything else. Their floral, spicy, aromatic scents are created by a woman who travels the world looking for new ways to bring ol' factory pleasure to my apartment. I think for me, this indulgence is also a celebration of being able to smell. December 31 marked 3 years of not smoking and after a very long career of over a pack a day I simply had not smelled in a very, very long time. For Christmas this year I asked for Candles from Pacifica and Santa filled my stocking abundantly. Tuscan Blood Orange, Moroccan Chamomile Apple Blossom, Tahitian Gardenia, Tibetan Mountain Temple, Sandalwood, and Spanish Amber promise to fill my apartment and help me celebrate the use of all my senses the whole year through (let's hope). Ah yes and the candles are made with Natural and Essential oils, cotton wicks and soy wax. So they are actually good for me (and the planet) too.

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