Swag Bag Contest Update - Let's do it for the kiddos

I am so excited about all the comments I have gotten recording your clicks from Beauty's Spot to Total Beauty.com! I am definitely throwing in the red clutch to whomever wins. But it occurred to me if total beauty is giving a dollar for every click then we could be raising a lot more money for Healthy Child Healthy World. So click away! Feel free to click as many times as you want and just tell me how many times you clicked.
For example:

"I hate the product of the day. That mascara ran all over and clumped and was terrible. 7 clicks today!"
And I'll give you seven points!


Anonymous said...

I clicked about 5 or 6 times on anything that said totally green or sweepstakes this morning (TAKE THAT JESSICA). Can I just keep clicking the same thing? Girlfriend needs some points. BTW...I've tried no new products well...cause I've bought no new products. BUT...I did use my tried and true ROC daily moisturizer. Jude

Super Duper Gus said...

Nice try Jude. Eat my clicking dust!!

Anonymous said...

i just clicked 5 times with my eyes closed while scheduling 3 meetings and updating a status report. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. (I'm home Dorothy).
You're so going down today Jessica. Typical beauty regime for me today though I almost used some Lavendar bodycream from Pharmacopia last night http://www.pharmacopia.net/store/pages.php?pageid=12 (did i ever tell you my mom works at a spa and sends me product?)