Jurlique: Brand to love!

Remember when I told you how I loved Jurlique's hand lotion so much that I decided to slather my whole body in it and marinade in the ensuing physical joy which results from soaking in organic, earth-friendly herbs and flowers? Well today, upon learning about their new Biodynamic Beauty Range, my brief but passionate physical tryst with Jurlique turned into a mature, adult (but still passionate) love affair.

During an informational webinar Jurlique CEO Eli Halliwell, explained their newest product line.
As a brief side note/holla to my midwestern friends... biodynamic farming is kind of old news to me because I went to college in the hedonistic hippy heaven other wise known as Madison, Wisconsin. I'd venture to say everyone there either is or has worked on an organic/biodynamic farm or knows someone who is currently doing so. It is also old news to Jurlique as they have been using biodynamic farming methods to produce their produtcs for 20 years. According to Eli and Google, however, the desire for biodynamic food and beauty products is exploding far far beyond the reaches of various Midwestern college-town utopias. I learned a lot from Mr. Halliwell today and here are some tidbits worth sharing.

1) Jurlique is the number one skin care line in Australia. Hands down, in Oz, big bad "chem" companies take a back seat. As demand for their organic, biodynamic product is growing so is their world-wide presence. They now have 15 stand alone stores in Japan and 11 in the United States. (I personally play with their products at Whole Foods.)

2) Biodynamic means organic and then some. Jurlique ingredients are grown on their own hand tended, hand-harvested farms. They are self-sustaining, harvested and irrigated according to the cycles of the moon, employ companion planting methods, and ancient crop rotation practices. If your skin care is made with this much TLC and earth-lovin' it seems impossible that your skin could do anything but glow with youthful radiance.

3) Jurlique's new Biodynamic Beauty Range has been tested and proven to get equal or better results as it's chem-packed competitors. Unlike most of the other products though, you will not find any Parabens, Mineral Oils, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Synthetic Emulsifiers, Artificial Colors or Fragrances in any Jurlique product. The new line includes a serum (if you only get one product get this one because it has the most bang for the buck), Eye Cream (I'm currently testing this one), Night Lotion, and Refining treatment. If you are a dedicated beauty junkie check out their ingredient glossary. So amazing!

And lastly I'll just say to hear a successful, intelligent, accomplished CEO talk about the importance of earth friendly products and his disdain for the words anti-aging when really we are just trying to enhance our natural beauty and that of the earth....well it was just reassuring that such men (and such a product line for that matter) actually exist.

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Hil'Lesha said...

I have heard nothing but good things about their products.

I clicked on the banner. :)