Anastasia does sweet eyebrows and not just for Eva Longoria

When I first told you that the eyebrow goddess had syndicated her divine beauty powers to Nordstroms all over the country I never could have dreamed that I would one day meet said Goddess. What is most endearing about this passionate Eastern European beauty is her heartfelt desire to bring beauty to women of all types. Having done Oprah's eyebrows regularly, along with a long long list of other celebs like Eva Longoria, she clearly could be resting on her laurels. Instead she is pushing the eyebrow and makeup industry to places it has never been been before. Her desire for perfection is infectious and her products open the doors to eyebrow beginners while revamping the methods of over-plucked beauty veterans. I only have time to post this one video but there are more pictures, video, and massive Anastasia news on the way. I want to say a special thank you to Total Beauty, Erika Valente, and all the people at Anastasia who made this possible. It was an honest to goodness dream come true for me.

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