Anastasia Brow Studio at Nordstrom's: I'll never get my brows done anywhere else.

I found gold and I looted the treasure chest. Unlike real pirates though I walked away with treasure I had to pay for. The Anastasia Brow Studio at Nordstrom is staffed by an adorable skilled young woman named Stephanie. She is an absolute doll and the most knowledgeable eyebrow expert I have ever met. She even stayed late for my appointment despite feeling slightly sick. (Thanks Stephanie!) After she sat me down in the Studio, which strictly provides waxing services (brow, lip, chin, and face); she marked each brown with three individual points. The high point, end point, and beginning point on each brow noted the location of where my eyebrows would reach if they were sculpted by a master architect to compliment my face. My question is, if Anastasia could figure this out, why isn't everyone just born this way? But I am reminded again that I'm not god and apparently there is some greater plan in the universe which involves me having mal-formed eyebrows. (If god ever asks me for suggestions on how to run things, I'll be sure and note this.) Any how, once the three markings were drawn Stephanie picked the medium arch stencil to shape my brow. She placed the stencil on my forehead and colored inside the hollowed-out medium-arch brow shape with medium ash-colored brow powder to create a dark crescent moon shape over each eye. Then she applied four separate small strips of wax on each brow and voila. I have the fullest, longest, best shaped brows I have ever had. She cleverly sold me Anastasia's brow kit which allowed me to repeat the whole process this morning. My usual Saturday morning beauty routine includes piling mounds of unwashed, curly hair on top of my head and putting on my favorite pullover. This morning I also used the brow kit and was told by many more people than usual that I looked beautiful. I know it was the eyebrows but I also think it's the confidence that comes from knowing Anastasia shaped them. This is the "after" photograph.


Katie said...

this is physically impossible (brow before and after photos). i think maybe stephanie is the eyebrow god you were writing about.

Lauren V. said...

Ok, I have heard of this place too. How expensive was the brow kit? Is it worth it? I have never filled in my brows and NEED to, but I am afraid they won't look natural.