IQ Derma hears you!

Some Beauty's Spot readers commented on the pricey penny it takes to obtain cellulite-wrangling product iQ Derma Firmaceuticals Body Gel. Apparently iQ Derma is listening to Beauty's Spot readers because they just sent me an email to let you know that they want you to try it for free. Seriously.

"We offer a 30-day free trial of Firmaceuticals Body Gel and our Nutritional Supplements. So, this gives your readers the opportunity to try the item for 30-days. They don’t like the item they can return the gel & supplements and won’t be billed. If they like the item, they can receive a fresh supply every 60 days."

Wow 30 days of smooth teen-ager like thighs? I'm so there. Thanks iQ Derma!

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Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhhh frrreeeeee smmmmoooootttthhhhhh thhhiiiggghsss. I'm so there. Thanks BEAUTYSSPOT! (and I'm going to click 3 times) :)