Beauty's Product RAVE: Microdermx from Nikkel Holistic Skincare

On rare occasions I find a beauty product so phenomenal it leaves me linguistically parched, in a dessert full of beauty with no words to be found. This one product inexplicably combines medical grade crystals with enough plant and seed oils to stock the shelves of whole foods stores indefinitely. You can see the full ingredient list here but I warn you it's a bit like examining the resume of a recent Harvard graduate - as in is their anything they can't do?

So what exactly is this inexplicably perfect product? Microdermex is an at home microdermabrasion system consisting of two creams. The first an intense microderm cream packed with medical grade Corundum Crystals. The second cream is a calming biodynamic powerhouse of skin food. Step two's earth-friendly components are equally impressive.

My brilliant french facialist, Sigrid, forbid me from using Microderm on my face as my skin is too sensitive and my capillaries break too easily but, as I have mentioned numerous times (to my own humiliation,) my neck and back always need help. So I dutifully scraped Nikkel's step one all over the back of my neck. Although it felt like industrial strength sanding paper and my skin was screaming for help, it smelled like a field of fresh wildflowers in early spring. Confusing yes but the experience was all together pleasant when I proceeded to calm my skin with step two -the soothing, fluffy cloud step.

The best part? Immediate results. My most favorite two words. The results after two treatments are even more visible. Some beauty products are great fun. Some enhance our looks. Some provide temporary relief from pesky problems. There are a rare few that provide ultimate beauty solutions. Microdermx is one of those rare few and it's ingredients are the ultimate combination of organic, biodynamic, and supremely effective. Visit Nikkel Holistic Skincare for more info.

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you make everything sound so great!!!!!!! I want it all.See tou the 15th when I get back for a week Hugs Betty