Watch, Comment, Win: The Women Behind the Women - a Documentary

The Women Behind The Women is a short documentary created by Hollywood producer Diane English and 16 year old journalist Cammie Nelson. Cammie spent three days on the set of The Women, English's latest all female cast and crew feature length film. The goal of Cammie's short visit is to find the definition of real beauty. Cammie sits with some of Hollywood's most powerful and externally beautiful women and probes them about inner beauty. Annette Bening, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Meg Ryan, and Debra Messing all provide stunning answers about being women in Hollywood and where their inner beauty originates. Dove, the sponsor of the documentary, is reaching out to beauty bloggers to expand the conversation around this film and their long standing Campaign for Real Beauty.

This film has deeply affected me. I spend much of my days testing and reviewing products that promise to appease our desire for outer beauty, erase wrinkles, and make our features "pop." Seriously if someone tells me how to make my features "pop" one more time I might just faint. So in order to get us to talk about beauty inside and out Dove is sending me two free tickets to The Women and a bag full of Dove goodies. I will promptly hand them over to whoever watches the documentary and comments on this post most often.
I have a long long list of concoctions I turn to for outer beauty. Inner beauty I have found is felt when in close proximity to laughter, prayer, and the ability to listen.
What makes you beautiful? What do you think of Cammie Nelson's Documentary. Talk amongst yourselves.


Mikaela said...

I just don't know about this, I love the original. No one can compare to Joan Crawford!

Mikaela said...

I just don't know about this, I love the original. No one can compare to Joan Crawford!

Shelly Borrell said...

Is Meg's hairstyle back in? I think I love my flat iron too much.

chi flat iron said...

Will try to see this documentary when i will get time. thanks for sharing.

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Anonymous said...

Women are rocking here. I like their dress and the hair style.