Beauty's Fashion? Fair Trade Alpaca Hoodie from Mayu

Ok girls, I know, we have to talk. I have been dropping hints like Diddy drops other peoples albums. But it's time to give you the real deal. I'm headed to New York for the Spring Ready to Wear collections. My goal is to interview makeup artists (Nanette Lapore and Tommy Hilfiger lead artist interviews are booked!) and bring back the best hints, tips, and trends. I also have meet and greets with a million and two major beauty brands. I promise to not let you down and bring back the most powerful products promenading down the cosmetic department aisles. We will have lots and lots to talk about over the next few weeks. But here is the thing, I've been bitten. The beauty doctors say I'll live - it's just the fashion bug ;)

So forgive me if I start posting fashion tidbits here and there. Fall is coming and I am in fact a woman so I can't tell if this fashion fever will pass or if it is the ordinary fall pinning for sweaters and scarves whose comfort is outdone only by their style. If it doesn't pass there is a fashion blog being conceived and I'll birth it when I settle into my new locale in October. If it is in fact a passing fever, indulge me temporarily.
So onto the fabric in hand. Every fall I begin to swaddle myself in the most fashionable wraps I can find. I may in fact have been an Native American blanket weaver in a past life as the need to wrap and swaddle every fall is a bit beyond my understanding. I favor wraps and shrugs that are suggestive of a weekend in the French country side. Hence my newest product rave. (It was the over sized hood that stole my heart at first sight.)

This hoodie is a must-have accessory! The elegant zig zag stitch looks absolutely beautiful. The perfect color combinations will match anything in your current wardrobe. The over sized hood and two sets of ties in the front make this garmet a detailed investment piece. The back of the shawl falls to about mid-back. Mayu's fairly traded Alpaca Wool Accessories are all hand made by women in Peru.

Retail Price: $179.00.

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