Beauty's Product: Kiehl's Ultimate Thickening Shampoo

Remember when I discovered the oily loveliness that was Kiehl's superbly restorative dry oil? Well it worked wonders on my hair, but I have enough hair to clothe 3 large German Shepherds. That means I won't be using Kiehl's new Ultimate Thickening Shampoo any time soon. I have however had a number of requests from some lovely, lock-impaired lady friends of mine in need of some urgent follicular shock treatment. I did some research and found this new gem from Kiehl's has been getting rave reviews from those in need of a little extra coverage up top.Ultimate Thickening Shampoo relies upon the benefits of an antioxidant-enriched formula infused with a blend of thickening polymers and an Omega-6 essential fatty acid derivative to fortify and texturize thinning hair, without weighing it down. The result is a thoroughly cleansing, gently effective shampoo that helps reinforce hair strands for a noticeably thicker, healthy-looking appearance and improved scalp coverage.

Ultimate Thickening Shampoo will be available at Kiehl’s Since 1851 stores and in August, and retails for $18. Enjoy!

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