Beauty Bargain Award: BeautyFix

I've been getting my beauty fix ever since I first stumbled upon Rainbow Green Clay in Whole Foods when I was 15. I've been getting BeautyFix for about a year now and I can safely say both fixes have changed my life. Beautyfix has introduced me to several ingenious products that no woman should go without. I'll list them below, not necassarily in order of OMG-I-can't-live-without factor:

DERMAdoctor KP Duty: The sweet scent of this scrub is deceptive as it's tactically speaking, it's a tough love provided by this chemical and physical exfoliant. Backne and winter skin are a thing of the past dear friends.

Canyon Ranch Protect UVA/UVB SPF 30 Moisturizer: As airy as the southwestern desert where it was created, this fantastically light SPF 30 will protect and soothe.

This cleanser smells like desatine which gives me flash backs to diaper rash and make me want to puke. So you know I must LOVE the effect it has on my face which to date is: quicker healing of blemishes, smaller blackheads, and smother younger looking skin. It's called "perfect" for a reason.

Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Body Oil

iQDerma Firmaceuticals Firming Body Gel

Sign up for Beautyfix to get 7-10 products quarterly for only $49.99 a quarter. Amazing!



skin care products philippines said...

I like to try this product thank you for bringing up this.


Teri said...

Whoa - You got that DermaDoctor KP Duty in your Beautyfix? WHEN??? I am on the panel and I didn't even get to try this... as I am stomping my feet!!! LOL