Bronze Goddess: Estee Lauder's Most Fabulous Collection To Date.

Every woman needs to own the Bronze Goddess Aqua Teal Duo Tone Eye Pencil. It is unlike any other eye pencil I have ever seen. It's application is beyond easy. The color is perfect. It leaves me speechless. Welcome summer. Welcome beautiful eyes. Stunning. The entire collection is fabulous, invoking a young Cameron Diaz California girl with teal eyes and coral lips. Did I say stunning? The scent invokes hot sultry summer nights and wears well on every willing volunteer I could find. Here are my musts from the entire collection:

Bronze Goddess Sand and Sea EyeShadow Palette (Limited Edition!)
Bronze Goddess Aqua Teal Duo Tone Eye Pencil (Limited Edition!)
Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent (Limited Edition!)
Pure Color Gloss Stick: Pop Pink, Wild Plum, Nude Almond and Orange Poppy

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