From Vogue to Voyage: By Kilian Travel Sprays

Remember when we discovered masterpieces of modern art gallivanting as perfume bottles in the October issue of Vogue? As the House of Hennessy progeny claimed his fame with those little masterpieces, he now launches an equally brilliant line of travel sprays for men and women.

The case itself is a magnetic object, literally. A monolith engraved with Achilles’ shield, signature of “L’Oeuvre Noire” collection. As with all By Kilian creations, the travel spray is refillable and available in all seven By Kilian scents (listed below.)

Prelude to Love -invitation
Love - don’t be shy
Beyond Love - prohibited
A Taste of Heaven - absinthe verte
Straight to Heaven - white cristal
Liasons Dangereuses - typical me
Cruel Intentions - tempt me

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