Vogue Chic Sheet

Introducing a new column here at the SPOT - Chic Sheet. It's like spark notes but for the beauty obsessed. For the inaugural Chic-Sheet I present this month's Vogue -Andre -fashion. In other words, here's what beauty girls got from Vogue this month.

At 40 Naomi Watts is charged with being the face of the only branch of Thierry Mugler's empire in which he still has a hand, fragrance. Although his line ascended the heights of fashion mountain back when bangs were big it has revamped itself without him while he designs costumes in Vegas. (And isn't that where 80's fashion belongs - Vegas?) Anywho Naomi's first bit as Angel does more than justice to one of the world's best selling fragrances.

Henry Matisse procreated. So did the Moet Hennessy clan. Their progeny smell fabulous via MoMA worthy, earth-friendly, refillable packaging. For a cool $1500 your Kilian (Hensesy Wunderkind) Perfume can reside in a Sophie Matisse original. Pick your scent at Kilian.

In Greece sap is called Mastiha. In New York you can buy anything and everything with this Mediterranean nostrum at the Mastihashop outpost. The rest of us American saps can buy the Greek beauty goods online. Korres included.

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