Beauty's Product: Jurlique’s NEW Skin Balancing Face Oil

We've already talked today about the devastating news of summer's end. This year I'm determined to prepare my highly sensitive skin, but am I willing to go so far as to put oil on my face? Clearly, primping for the harshest season is essential but would you join the "face-oil" school of thought ?

If anyone could convert me its Jurlique, one of the great -love-of-my-skincare-life brands. Jurlique’s NEW Skin Balancing Face Oil is an all-in-one biodynamic primer that is formulated to help balance, restore, nurture and protect the skin. This luxurious oil penetrates skin deeply to help soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity, guard against moisture loss, hydrate and soothe skin for a softer, more balanced complexion. Celeb-friendly Jurlique has been testing the product with great success on the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Mischa Barton, Vanessa Hudgens and Adrian Brody.
The new product is also a favorite amongst skin care professionals for its versatility and suitability across all skin types, even oily. Skin care professionals, including celebrity makeup artists, love treating oily skin with this product due to its ability to adapt to the skin’s natural oil production cycle, while maintaining moisture levels. Ok ok, so I'm willing to try but only for you, Jurlique. If a zit, or even a hint of a zit, I'm out.

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