Beauty's Product: Give Winter Skin 'da Boot.

Apparently for some people, winter is the most wonderful time of the year. But those people all live in Wisconsin, say " 'da" instead of "the" and, well, I am not one of them. I tend to stick to the mildest climates available to me in the industrialized world. In fact I have spent a portion of my life living on the equator in the non-industrialized world but that's another story. Point is my skin f-reaks out as soon as it drops below 55 degrees. This winter let's give dry, dull skin 'da snowy boot.

Red, rosy cheeks, flaky lips, and brittle hair are just the beginning. This winter, I'm going to be prepared. Here are a few product suggestions to keep skin healthy and glowing this winter…

Face It: Use facial moisturizers that contain natural essential oils such as avocado oil, primrose oil or almond oil to soothe and hydrate skin. Try [comfort zone] Hydramemory Fluid 24h ($59.50), rich in primrose oil to soothe dry, enflamed skin all day long.

Body Work: Thick winter sweaters and dry air from cranked heaters dehydrate the whole body. Treat thirsty skin with LUBRIDERM®’s budget-friendly Advanced Therapy Triple Smoothing Body Lotion ($7.99). This rich lotion features Alpha Hydroxy Acid (similar to the idea behind Skin Ceuticals AOX Body Lotion that I die for but, you know, reasonably priced) that gently exfoliates skin to remove dead cells, soothes dry skin for 24 hours and smooths the appearance of tiny bumps on skin – without a greasy feel.

Eye for an Eye: Below zero temperatures cause eyes to tear, leaving the delicate skin around eyes raw and irritated. Someday I have to do an entire post of how badly my eyes started mis-behaving when I turned 27 but I'm into loving myself today so I'll hold off.) Instead of hiding behind over sized sunglasses - try Cosmedicine’s Eye Specialist ($45). This luxurious eye treatment hydrates the fragile peri-orbital skin making eyes appear younger and more refreshed. Eye Specialist also promotes collagen synthesis to tighten skin and reduce signs of aging.

Soak It In: After dredging through the cold, nothing feels better than a nice hot bath (personally I spend more time during winter months in a hot shower than I do outside); however, steamy soaks leave my skin even more deprived of its natural moisture than the bitter north winds. To replenish skin, try SkinMilk’s Foaming Bath Soak ($4.99). Formulated with milk and enriched with Vitamins A, D and E, this soak provides a luxurious foam to smooth skin, leaving it feeling fresh, soft and moisturized.

Strip the Scales: As temperatures drop, so often do women’s razors. However shaving stimulates cellular turnover, and actually keeps legs looking young all-year-round! For legs that require extra hydration this winter, indulge with King of Shaves Woman Pamper and Moisturize Shaving Gel ($5.99). Rich in healing chamomile and rose extract, this gel soothes and calms dry, flaky skin, leaving skin smooth and hydrated.

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