Beauty's Product RAVE: EO Holiday - Love, Peace, and Sleep.

Oh my god. Oh my GOD. Once in a while as a beauty blogger phenomenal things happen. I met the most amazing designer, Alexis Lamontagna, chatted with Angelina's mane man Ted Gibson, sat at Estee Lauder's desk, and (equally as amazing) EO just contacted ME.

A bit of hair-history: until a short sighted product manager at the Whole Foods in North Carolina stopped carrying EO, it was the ONLY thing I put in my hair for three years. In fact during my first visit to Warren Tricomi the health of my hair astounded the staff and all I had to say for myself was, "These locks have only touched organics since 2005. "

Note: if you are of blood relation to me and would like to be surprised at Christmas I recommend skipping to the next post right now. The sometimes seductive sampler sets come in three packages, Love, Peace, and Nighty Night. Each includes a frothy bubble bath bundled with a combination of soy massage candles (I have never heard of a massage candle but knowing the healing powers of EO's scents, I'm purchasing one immediately) bath salts, room sprays and body lotions. Pick your passion below.

Pamper yourself or the one you love with the indulgent sensation of Pure Nourishing Rose. We captured the essence of real Rose by artfully blending hundreds of individual roses with healing Chamomile into this gift collection. The therapeutic benefits of these ingredients penetrate skin to nourish and hydrate the body naturally. Precious rose Essential Oils repair and harmonize even the most sensitive skin.
Bubble Bath, Room Spray, Bath Salts, Soy Massage Candle

Nighty Nite
Relax and inhale the beneficial healing properties of Blue Chamomile and Lavender Essential Oils as you let go of your troubles. The apple like aroma of Blue Chamomile is a soothing antiseptic that nurtures all skin types helping to reverse dryness and eczema. Lavender tones and balances, naturally renewing skin health with its therapeutic properties. These two healing botanicals will nurture and protect your skin on a daily basis as you breathe deeply and drift off to a dream filled slumber.
Bubble Bath, Room Spray, Bath Salts, Soy Massage Candle

Indulge in the tranquil and calming sensation of pure healing French Lavender. The therapeutic benefits of our French lavender penetrate the skin to nourish and hydrate the body naturally. The fresh and fragrant aroma of lavender relaxes with a sense of calm and balance providing internal peace and serenity.
Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Body Lotion

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