A Beautiful Email from Michelle Obama on Father's Day

It's not often I get an email from the First Lady. In fact I am fairly certain this is the first time. I am not special nor do I have a personal relationship with Michelle. (Though what beauty editor doesn't adore her keen eye for fashion and beauty?) I simply signed up for the white house blog's email list a few months ago and never gave it a second thought.

For the past two years no less than 100 rugged, manly emails have arrived in my inbox shouting at me to try, endorse, or promote items for father's day. Shaving kits, cologne, travel accessories. Seemingly sound gift-worthy items. Both years I have picked a few of the best and hesitantly posted them to aid you in fathers day preparations. Every year I struggle, knowing I have no reasonable way to understand what it would be like to happily hunt for a gift for father's day.

As Michelle puts it, Barack doesn't either. Her email and the video below bring some beauty to this day. Whether you've lost a father, love your father, or loathe your father I hope this brings you the hope it brought me. We all have the chance to bring beauty into a child's life and today is a beautiful day to start.

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