The Same Questions I Ask Everyone ....With Melissa Shabinsky of Revolution Organics

After hearing from co-founder Alexandra last week, this week we are lucky enough to feature Revolution Organics' other (equally gorgeous) half Melissa Shabinsky. These women, like their product, are highly efficient, stylish, and beautiful inside and out.

What is your first memory of beauty products?
A big outing to the mall was not complete without a walk through the makeup counters at the department store. I thought that it was the most glamorous place in the world.

At what age did you start wearing makeup?
Officially at around 15, but I did sneak in a little mascara and lip gloss into my backpack when I was 13 and apply in the bathroom at school.

If you could apply only one product for the next month what would it be?
Our All-Over Beauty Balm – it is honestly the only product I need and use all the time. It is my color, highlighter, moisturizer, blush, lip color and bronzer all in one!

If you could give one product to all women in the world what would it be?
Our certified organic All Over Body Balm – we created it to make every woman's life a little easier.

If you could ban one harmful ingredient from all beauty products what would it be?

What is your favorite skincare ingredient?
Coconut oil

What is the last product you created?
I have an entire cosmetic bag full of lab samples of new products that we are creating right now, just essentials that every woman would want, like a good mascara.

Who is the business woman you most admire?
Leslie Blodgett - she is an innovator and is constantly ahead of the trend curve

Whose beauty do you most admire?
My mom. She is blessed with good genes (which I hope have been passed onto me) but takes care of herself and her skin and NEVER sits in the sun. She is also at peace with her looks, something that many women have a hard time doing, which makes her really truly beautiful.

What was your best Spa experience?
I’m not a spa girl, I can’t sit still that long!

Besides your own, what is your favorite brand?
It has been so long since I have worn any other products other than ours but I do like what ColorScience has done with their mineral protections.

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