A Programing Note

One of my loveliest friends turned 30 recently and I got to enjoy a delicious brunch in her honor. While there, someone told me that there are logs made up of pictures taken every day of every thing on the Internet. Suddenly I thought, "What would my new job think of me if they knew about my nose hair/stretch marks/obsession with chemical peels?" and I rashly dismantled BeautySpot. That was on Sunday. Today is Thursday and I've been met with nothing but sadness and disappointment about the loss. Apparently my intuition was right on in starting this blog. I'm talking about stuff that no one else is. (See post number 1). I have also noticed Eminence's SPF 30 minerals and Bliss's Poutrageous slowly but surely filling my friends' purses. I realized one dear friend of mine was directly in the middle of her first harrowing experience with a chemical peel after reading this blog when I dismantled Beauty Spot. We ended up in a bathroom of a church Monday night examining the nature of her pre-peel kit's side effects. I have glimpsed that perhaps this blog and any possibly humiliation I may suffer because of it, are about something more than me. I'm talking very publicly about things women never talk about in public. I feel like most of the beauty and self care secrets I have learned in the past 14 years could have been taught in a semester long class in 8th grade if it were not for female shame. So I am reposting it - if I'm embarrassed at work because of it - So be it. I'm about to be 27. I'm too old and too fabulous to have any more shame about having a human female body. Or at least I'm too be old to be making rash decisions based on said shame. We have lost some things in the interim. I never saved the articles on Nostril Waxing, Neti Pots, or facial peels. But I have learned my lessons and will continue to write (and save). Thanks for your kind words and I promise I'll consult you before making any other silly decisions.

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Cathleen said...

So glad you are back up and running! What would we do without you?