Baume Ultra Riche Yeux from L'Occitane

That's "rich in Shea butter" for those of you who can't speak french. Oh wait I can't speak french either but along with the $32.00 you pay for this heavenly eye cream you'll also get the free french lesson included in each line of the packaging which is printed En Frances and English.

Minor point but my major point is this - L'Occitane's Ultra Rich Eye Balm is .5 ounces of heaven. I have always been sucker for eye treatments but this little jar of French heaven has convinced me that if I were forced to pick only one type of beauty product for the rest of my life it would be an eye product.

This is truly a balm delivering copious amounts of moisture with no irritation. Its thick cream spreads easily and seemingly flattens out the wrinkles around the eye instantly. As with most high quality products a very little bit goes a very long way. J'adore. Enjoy!

Full disclosure: this product was provided for free to me as an editorial sample by a PR company representing L'Occitane.

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