Oh How I've Missed You! Dior Shadow, Liz Earle & Kiehl's!

November being the shittiest month of the latter part of my twenties, I haven't had much to say. I like this to be a place of beauty and between the completely unattractive behavior that's been decking the halls of my workplace and nearly every ex-boyfriend becoming engaged or knocking someone (else) up I've been entirely at loss for anything beautiful to say. Onward - to the most beautiful thing I've said all month: Thank God November is over.

Onto December, month of light, love, and all things most beautiful. Here for your complete and utter sensory pleasure are the little treats I can't live without during this season of Mirth and Merriment.

Dior Shadow Brow Styler: Every chic city gal needs this. A little length in your brow adds Audrey-like glamour to any day or evening look and this brilliantly bright little pencil from Dior is to die for. Allure Mag sent it to me and I agree with them.... You must!

Liz Earle SuperSkin Bust Treatment: If your girls get dry and dull in the winter a little lovin from Liz Earle will perk them right up. Liz sent me this glorious gift for Christmas and I'm totally smitten. The package claims this luxe, earthy cream will "plump, smooth, and firm skin around the bust decolletage" and after a full month of faithful use, I have to agree. Enjoy! (Check out all the Liz Earle products I CAN NOT live without - totally a Beauty's SPOT top five brand!)

Kiehl's Imperial Body Balm: The lovely ladies at Kiehls gave me this new body balm back in September so when that oddly terse patch of skin appeared on my tummy (as it does annually when the thermometer drops below 50) I knew just where to go. Russians know cold and this balm is based on Russian herbal remedies. So amazing. The only thing that will literally squelch that sleep disturbing, itchy winter skin. You MUST!



A Southern Accent said...

Girl, I need you to give me a makeover someday! And yes, thank God November is over! Happy weekend!

Laurie said...

I noticed that fab new 'do this morning. You're doing just fine :)