Girls!!!! I have moved out of my little Chapel Hill writer's apartment and into the most amazing flat just a few short miles down the road. My Internet took a few weeks to find the new location so please forgive my absence.

Finally settled into the new place, tonight I rest my imagination within the deeply creative pages of the look book for the LOFT Spring 2010 collection and it's AMAZING. Not simply because the models are often shown with artful piles of hair atop their head (mimicking my favorite personal style) but also because it's full of rich pieces - pieces one used to only be able to find at hip boutiques or anthropologie in their earlier days.

The two pieces LOFT sent to accompany the spiral bound book are, aptly, look-defining pieces. Pieces that express a hidden part of your personality and attach it to your appearance like a magnate which draws similarly expressive pieces to you. The gold cuff (featured above) adds an unmistakable Greek goddess strength to any look while the floral scarf welcomes spring in an classic Audrey kind of way. In other words, I ADORE.....

Pieces mentioned in this post were provided at no cost for editorial review.

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