Eau So Yoga with Jimmy Barkan at The Ritz Carlton, Palm Beach

A sunrise over the ocean which seemed oddly directed at my very own balcony. Flocks of pelicans flying over head and then - this morning, a solitary duck. Chilled waterfalls of relief pouring into luxuriously sized hot tubs. Hot tubs filled with playful over sized rubber ducks. Chocolate Mocha cupcakes on the spa bar. Massages that start with healing spoonfuls of honey and end with a limber flip of the upper body over top of the knees and suddenly you are born anew. Eau So New.

I've just returned from Palm Beach where I rang in the month of May with The Ritz-Carlton's Eau so Yoga weekend. Daily 90-minute yoga sessions overlooking the ocean were taught by yoga legend Jimmy Barkan. Until the late 90's Jimmy was the only certified Bikram trainer and in the early part of this century he developed his own teaching style aptly named, the Barkan Method.

I've become a bit of a yoga fanatic over these last four short months and class with Jimmy invigorated my practice with a gentle (manual) hip rotation here and subtle "ring finger forward" in downward dog" cue there. I'm also quite certain my hips now operate like a lazy Susan - no longer hinged in any one direction. I have never experienced hip openers like Jimmy's.

You can visit Jimmy at his own (twenty eight year old) studio in Ft Lauderdale or at any of his teacher trainings. Meantime, Eau So Yoga will happen during various weekends through out the summer. (Next weekend!) Check for dates here.
Services in this post were provided at no cost for editorial review.

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A Southern Accent said...

So jealous. Looks like it was amazing!