Looking Out on the Morning: Eau So Yoga Day One

After a healing massage yesterday (details to come) and a restorative nights sleep I stepped on to my balcony at 6:30 am and watched the sunrise light the passing clouds on fire as it rose over the elderly Atlantic. Palm Beach is an odd sign post of America's growing pains but here with in the courtyards of the Ritz-Carlton the sun rises, the pelicans fly over head and everything you could ever imagine that you need is at your fingertips. Highlights from yesterday were numerous. Sushi - as in the best I've ever had. Sushi-Joe is your place for spicy, melt-in-your-mouth lobster rolls. Massage at Eau Spa. My body has never before been touched and relieved in that way. And a self centered garden which oddly enough, left me relaxed enough to see how disenchanted I have become with my own self centered-ness.

Eau So Yoga starts at 8:30 am with ninety minute class from sought out instructor Jimmy Barkan. Like the clouds who where unknowingly transformed by the sun's reach for the aging east coast on this beautiful spring morning, I have a feeling I'm in for a transformation I could neither plan nor imagine. Such things are only in the mind of the world's most expert hospitality angels, the ladies and gentleman of the Ritz-Carlton.

Some of the services (not the Lobster Rolls) mentioned in the post were provided at no cost for editorial review.

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